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I’m basically a duckling.

I love when nature illustrates life lessons so simply. This morning on our regular dog walk, we came around a bend and saw a mama duck ushering her 3 ducklings over the pedestrian bridge, from one side of the creek to the other. Between my sister and I, we had four dogs on leashes. Potential deadly disaster. We stopped,

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I'm just now starting to come back down after a few days away, reading and learning and exploring and writing and soul searching about what is important to me and what that means for Milagro. I devoured the incredible When Breath Becomes Air. (You must read it. Now.) I spent two days learning about the power of story from one

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unhealth & unhappiness

I think often lately about a night sometime between 2001-2003 when Smitty and I were freshly married and living in our first little old house in Waldo. I was melancholy, which was (and still is) a fairly common state for me. I figured I was having a midlife crisis. Isn't that cute? I was 24 or 25. Change had been

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The stench of romance. A Valentine’s Day postmortem.

It's St. Patrick's Day and I'm just now writing about Valentine's Day. This is why I'm a horrible retail manager. Did you know vendors start asking for fall orders in January? I can't decide at 4pm what I want to eat for dinner. If you visited Milagro the weekend of Valentine's Day, you may have noticed something different. There was

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On women.

Real talk: some days I don't want to talk about skin care anymore. It seems a superficial endeavor. And our goal of hosting honest conversations about the privilege of aging and the stunning BS of Big Beauty becomes exhausting. But then a Milagran sends flowers thanking us for helping her skin heal after topical chemo and I realize we're providing

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With relish.

Good words from our friend Stacy of Blue Raddish Studios: One of my favorite words: Relish. Recently, my son asked sarcastically if I was "relishing relish" as he noticed three bottles of relish in our cabin refrigerator. Unless we start hosting hot dog buffets, we will never use this relish. But it made my day that he knew the context

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I had a revelation yesterday. If you follow our blog regularly or have had longer than a 5 minute conversation with me at any point over the last two years, you know I'm on a mission to establish Milagro as a new category. A new genre. To create an entirely new kind of place. And I've struggled at times to

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  It's World Cancer Day. No idea what that actually means, but think I'll celebrate(?) by sharing some things cancer taught me.  Thanks to cancer, I'm now living a "both/and" life. And maybe at some point everyone gets to leave "either/or" behind and join the ranks of "both/and" living. Perhaps it's a natural byproduct of getting older. All I know

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We talk about you.

When you come into our space, you relax. Obviously. And sometimes you talk. And while MOST of what you say is held in confidence between you and to whom you were speaking, sometimes we have to share. Warning: if you're going to get all philosophical and wise and Confucius-y, it is our duty to spread your words near and far.

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You might be a Milagran if…

The Christmas Eve service Smitty and I attended centered a lot on what the world would look like if we all showed more generosity and kindness in our everyday lives. They played the viral video of KC's own Secret Santa using cops to spread cheer, as an example of how small acts create big impact. It's a great video and

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