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Ringleader, rule breaker, bullshit hunter, cancer survivor. On a mission to live a regret-free life. Milagro is my home base and front line. Donuts and peanut butter, but not together.

Confessions of a recovering Ice Queen

In our previous spa life as Natural Body, I made a couple of trips to the corporate offices in Atlanta. Natural Body is well known around the city, with 8 locations and 25+ years in business. If you're not familiar with this part of our story, I wrote about it here. The founder of Natual Body, Cici, drove a cute

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That’s life.

I was talking with one of my favorite Milagrans recently after her massage (and in case you haven't noticed, pretty much all Milagrans are my favorite. Except the ones who force me to wrangle their cell phones out of their grasp while they're supposed to be unplugged for spa time. Bless. Their. Hearts.) This particular Milagran and I were catching

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In training.

Yesterday I took Rio to PetSmart without the company of my other mutt, Ocho. We usually venture as a pack of three, but Rio needed some practice. Rio was a stray (likely dumped) in her life before becoming a Smith. We don't know much about her, other than she'd been out long enough to be roughed up, hungry, and feasted

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uncle buford.

This is my great aunt Luella and uncle Buford. She shares my birthday, can guess your height/weight/age accurately in under 10 seconds, and never forgets anything. He survived Omaha Beach, the Battle of the Bulge, and drove colonels around France in his Jeep during WWII. He's never without his harmonica and is always up for dancing.   They've been married

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My mom.

She could tell you exactly what we paid for dinner and at what restaurant we ate in Zurich in 1989. It's all in one of her "books". She is such an accountant. Also in her "books" is every family member's and every friend's birthday, anniversary, graduation date, address, and every other important detail needed to be a fantastic friend &

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