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Bottomless is better.

"It's like this and like that and like this..."-Dr. Dre + Snoop. And also Jesus, quite often. As many wise teachers know, similes and metaphors are super useful in simplifying ideas. That is until they're not. And lately, the verbal pictures used to preach "self care" have left me wanting.

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It’s time for saying goodbye.

Mom sent the innocent text on January 28th. From the warm and safe distance of sunny Arizona, it popped up on my screen - "No blog since December?"I paused to breathe, and basically responded "WINTER." Because on January 28th, when it was some combination of zero degrees and dark and

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Searching for maybes.

A few evenings ago, I pulled up to a stoplight and looked into the car on my left. There in the front passenger seat was a young woman. With a baby. On her lap. I was riding alone so I can't be sure, but I think I audibly gasped. I

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I can’t unhear that.

One of the lowest points I can remember from cancer treatment had nothing to do with me. I was only a witness. 8am in the cancer center found me waiting for appointment number six billion when I overheard the couple sitting behind me. I don't know what they looked like.

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