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Have you ever been personally Yelped? I have. Let me tell you how it feels: not great. I know I'm supposed to be way more on top of Milagro's "web reputation" than this, but last week I was poking around our search results and realized we had more Yelp reviews

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All they want for Christmas is you.

Mom and Dad Smith One of my favorite memories from when Smitty and I first started dating was visiting his parents' house at Christmastime, somewhere around 1994/95/96. Mom Smith knows how to Christmas - the decor, the baking, all of it. But what stands out in my head

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Life sucks and thank you.

Yesterday I was writing a long list to share here of things for which I'm insanely grateful - my heated mattress pad, doggie drinking fountains at the park, sunshine, pillow socks, Smitty, Taco Via, etc. But the corner of my mind was crowded with people I know and people I

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It’s complicated.

I can specifically remember the beginning of the end. I wouldn't call what we had a long term relationship. In some ways, I had just been trying it on for size. It didn't feel natural or authentic. And more often than it made me feel good, it made me feel

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Going acorn-free.

The season has changed and we've moved from Ocho's favorite (cicada season) to Rio's favorite (acorn season). During cicada season, Ocho looks forward to our walks as an all-you-can-eat buffet of crunchy and/or crispy deliciousness. Her order of preference is: live (bonus points if she gets to catch them out

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Comparing scars.

Last week, we welcomed to Milagro a new guest who walked slowly and with a noticeable limp. On her get-to-know-you form, she answered our question "For what are you most grateful?" with one simple sentence: "The chemo seems to have worked." When I was in cancer treatment at 31, two

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