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“…it is time to do a better job of wearing my skin with gratitude instead of loathing.”
-Barbara Brown Taylor

Your skin is remarkable.
It graciously gives as you grow and heals without help.
It outlines your form and remembers your days.
It informs you of warmth & gentleness, of pain & of love.
It’s the faithful home of your particular light and it deserves to be cared for as such.

We do skin differently here at Milagro. We cut the ties between spa and Big Beauty and set out to reconcile you to the skin you’re in. Our facials and full body skin treatments use seed oils, clays, butters, flours, yogurt and honey, paired with a few small batch products handmade locally (like, right down the street). It’s all you need to care for your skin, simply and affordably. Without forking over your dollars to those who profit from insecurity, view aging as a disgrace, and make ridiculous promises that don’t hold up to 9th grade biology.

Curious? Book a facial and let our therapists introduce you to an entirely new way to look at your skin.

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