On Groupon. And our trade secret.

We have never once done business with Groupon. Unless you count “business” as them calling and emailing incessantly even after being asked to stop calling and emailing. So how surprised was I to find this incredibly strange (and completely inaccurate) description of Milagro on their website?

I anxiously awaited their next attempt at contact (which I knew would be coming) so I could ask where the listing came from and how to get it taken down (or at the very least, corrected). Sure enough, another sales email came through and I happily responded that I could use help with understanding why Milagro was on their site and with finding someone to fix it. They were dismissive and unhelpful and I ultimately decided it wasn’t a battle I needed to fight. Whatevs.

I’m so glad the internets is chock full of reliable information we can trust.

We had a regular guest recently who, when asked by her therapist what specific issues she needed addressed, responded with, “I trust you completely”. She went on to say she needed to feel better and she knew her therapist was skilled enough to do that without specific instruction.

“I trust you completely”. Music to my ears.

When we first became Milagro and I needed to jot down some thoughts into a semi-professional “handbook” of sorts, I included some community commitments, the first one being: “We will be a community of trust. We will approach EVERYONE with the assumption of good intent.”

I used to be surprised by the level of skepticism and even standoffish-ness I frequently experience with new guests coming into Milagro, but not anymore. I realized we’re asking a lot.  We ask you to, quite literally, go into a small room with a stranger, undress, and relax. How does that even work? It can’t without an insane level of trust. And I take that incredibly seriously and incredibly personally.

It’s why we do things (and don’t do things) the way we do at Milagro. It’s why manipulative marketing tactics using fear and/or imaginary urgency are not our game. It’s why we created the Maker Counter to avoid having to parrot the bulls*** of a skin care company. And it’s why we hear from guests that while they’ve been to many “fancy shi-shi spas all over the world”, Milagro is where they can relax and truly let go. Isn’t that the entire point of spa? It is at Milagro.

I recently read Grandma’s journal entries in which she recounted bits of her childhood. She wrote that when she was young, she knew her mom trusted her to make good decisions. That trust inspired Grandma. She didn’t want to disappoint. She counted trust as a valuable honor. I love that. And I plan to use it. Everywhere.

Approaching my fellow humans with an assumption of good intent FEELS GOOD. Believing in people as honest, capable, benevolent beings changes how I interact with them. For the better.

And it’s necessary for the kind of civilized society we all want to live in. Trust me.
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  1. Christine April 19, 2018 at 9:40 am

    I did have a wonderful and relaxing experience the first time I was at Milagro. I love the room where you can sit in your robe and enjoy a cup of tea and read a magazine before or after a massage. It is perfect as is the whole vibe of the place. I WAS intimidated by the Maker Counter though, not being comfortable to say “I have no idea what this Maker Counter is”… there was a woman standing there but she did not offer me anything other than “can I help you”, which was nice but I really did not know where to start. “What is this?” Make your own body lotion? Make a facial cleanser based on your skin type and what you are currently using? What do you do here? Do I make up my own concoction or do I tell you what kind of skin I have, what smells I like, and you suggest something? The directions were not clear and it was my first time so I didn’t know how to ask what was involved with this Maker Counter? I did not know, what I didn’t know and though I think it would have been obvious I was new, there was no additional help my first time to guide me with first steps.
    Maybe just give a newbie some directions either written on a sign or verbally at this new territory-the Maker Counter- to determine if it is something I would like to explore further. It was the only time I felt uncomfortable there- not getting undressed, having the massage, and sitting around in my robe- that part was awesome!

    • Ashley April 24, 2018 at 11:19 am

      Hi Christine! Thanks for reading and commenting. You’re right, the Maker Counter has been TRICKY for us. Turns out being so hard headed that I refuse to do anything the traditional way makes things difficult 🙂 Creating The Maker Counter from scratch has been an evolutionary work in progress for four full years and we may just now be getting to where we want it to be – finding the right balance between 100% customizable (too overwhelming for most folks) and/or offering a short simplified menu. We’ve pared down to bath soaks, body & face oils, aroma sprays, scented rollerballs, and shea butter. We’re also in the process of creating four custom Milagro scent blends to choose from (instead of 30 different essential oils and limitless possibilities). Once that’s all complete, we’ll have “menus” to make selections and choose from. Easy peasy. Stay tuned! Thanks again!

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